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Gene-Delivery (Rx) Platform Technology

Our Technology



MangoGen has a patented technology that describes the encapsulation of genetically modified baculoviruses coated on to medical device.

MangoGen’s focus is on developing gene-delivering film dressings, gene-delivering creams/gels, gene-delivering sutures and gene-delivering  peripheral and coronary stents.

Our Technology

Encapsulated baculoviruses that have been modified to carry a human gene are coated onto a medical device.


    1) DO NOT Replicate in mammalian cells

    2) DO NOT insert viral DNA into host DNA​

    3) Are cheap to manufacture

    4) Are used to manufacture human vaccines

    5) Abundant in nature

    6) They have been classified as being safe

Key Advantages

of Baculoviruses

What are Baculoviruses?

Baculoviruses are a family of large rod-shaped circular DNA viruses that are very species-specific among the invertebrates with over 600 host species having been described. Although baculoviruses are capable of entering many cell types, there is no evidence that they are capable of replication in vertebrate animal cells, including mammalian. Baculoviruses contain circular double-stranded genome ranging from 80–180 kbp.

In the 1990s, baculoviruses were first used to produce complex eukaryotic proteins in insect cell cultures (for example, Sf21 cells). These recombinant proteins have been used in research and are today used in the development of human vaccines (for example, influenza vaccines, COVID-19). More recently, it has been described that engineered baculoviruses can be used to introduce genes into mammalian cells.

“…lack of infection and replication in vertebrate cells, no evidence of baculovirus-induced cytogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic effects has been observed.”  Health Canada 2018

What is Encapsulation?

MangoGen has a patent technology that describes the encapsulation of genetically modified baculoviruses coated on to medical device.

To protect the baculovirus from serum inactivation and to achieve a controlled release at the target site, the baculovirus nanohybrids are encapsulated. ​Thus, this new generation of gene-delivering products can efficiently deliver gene(s), such as vascular Endothelial Growth factor (Vegf) to the damaged vasculature and promote wound healing.


MangoGen can coat multiple medical devices such as film-dressings, creams/gels, sutures, and metal stents, whereby we can dry and store at room temperature for >20 weeks whilst maintaining the bio-viability of the baculoviruses.

Key Milestones  

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