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Reading the Paper

MangoGen has appeared in a few publicaitons and press


Paul A, Hasan A, Rodes L, Sangaralingam M and Prakash S (2014) Bioengineered baculoviruses as new class of therapeutics using micro and nanotechnologies: principles, prospects and challenges. Adv Drug Rev 71, 115-30 (Pubmed)

Paul A, Elias CB, Shum-Tim D, and Prakash S. (2013) Bioactive baculovirus nanohybrids for stent based rapid vascular re-endothelialization. Sci Reports 3, 2366 (pdf)

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Paul A, Shao W, Abbasi S, Shum-Tim D, Prakash S. (2012) PAMAM dendrimer-baculovirus nanocomplex for microencapsulated adipose stem cell-gene therapy: in vitro and in vivo functional assessment. Mol Pharm. 9(9), 2479-88 (Pubmed)

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