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Key Data

MangoGen has data to clearly demonstrate that baculoviruses can deliver human genes to cells in culture, and when coated onto a device placed in vivo. For example, placing a baculoviral coated stent in a canine damaged femoral artery model the results clearly demonstrates the following:

1) Released and enter the local cells (GENE-DELIVERY)

2) Deliver human gene (e.g. VEGF)

3) Gene is expressed and a functional growth factor is locally expressed (GREEN FLOURESCENCE)

4) The gene is expressed TRANSIENTLY

5) Accelerated Wound Repair (observed after 2 weeks)

6) Positive benefits (wound healing) after 16 weeks, including:

a) Reduced hyperplasia

b) Significant reduction In-Stent Restenosis

c) Improved blood flow

Delivered gene expression around

the proximity of the deployed stent. 

After 16 weeks there was a significant 

reduction of in-stent restenosis in blood

vessels treated with Vegf-delivered 


Paul et al, (2013) Bioactive baculovirus nanohybrids for stent based rapid re-endothelialization

Nature Scientific Reports 3, 2366  READ MORE

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