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Promoting accelerated &

effective wound healing

MangoGen Pharma is a privately-owned bio-engineering company with a mission to develop novel gene-delivering medical devices that improve human health. MangoGen, located in Montreal Quebec, Canada, and owns a novel patented platform technology that utilizes encapsulated genetically modified baculoviruses coated on to medical devices. On device deployment, the virus enters the local cells, delivers the human gene, and an active protein is expressed. MangoGen’s focus is a product pipeline that includes the development of the next generation of stents – a gene-delivering coronary stent, as well as a gene-delivering film-dressing to promote and accelerate wound healing (e.g. for diabetic foot ulcers), gene-delivering sutures and gene-delivering creams to prevent scar tissue formation.

Overview of our Platform Technology

We are developing Gene-Delivering Medical Devices to Promote and Accelerate Wound Healing. Encapsulated baculoviruses that have been modified to carry a human gene are coated onto a medical device. The platform can be applied in different ways.


Gene-Delivering Film Dressings & Creams to treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Image by Shane

Gene-Delivering Sutures to promote & accelerate

wound healing & prevent scar tissue formation

Performing Surgery

Gene-Delivering Peripheral

& Coronary Stents

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